Education/ Qualifications

1971-1975       Odessa State Pedagogical Institute: Specialist Degree in Graphics.
1981-1988       Graphic workshop of the “Senezh” House for Creative Activity of Artists (Russia).
Since 1982       Member of the USSR Artists’ Union/ (since 1991 National Union of Artists of Ukraine).


1984                Laureate of Paris Salon of Arts “Grand Palais”, Silver Medal in Graphics nomination.
1986-1987       Diplomas of the USSR Artists’ Union and the Ukrainian Artist’ Union for a series of etchings “Winds of Kimmeria”.
1999                Honored Artist of Ukraine.

Selected group exhibitions:

1984                “Traditions and Search”, Salon Grand Palais (Paris, France).
1988                “Young talents from the USSR” (Antwerp, Belgium).
1990                IX Biennial of Graphic Arts (Berlin, Germany).
1994-2009       Triennial Graphics (Cracow, Poland).
1995-2004       The Graphics Biennial (Varna, Bulgaria).
2001-2002       International exhibition “Initiative “Project-01/02” (Kyiv, Ukraine)/Moscow, Russia).
2006                International art fair “ArtIst-2006” (Istanbul, Turkey).
2008                International art-fair “Rendezvous art” (Athens, Greece).
2014                “Connection of times. Graphical art of the 90s” (Moscow, Russia).
2018                “Symbolism. Codes of Modernity” (Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora, Kyiv, Ukraine).
2019                Art project “Metamodern. Quest for excellence” (IEC Museum of Kyiv history, Kyiv, Ukraine).
2019            “Contemporary Ukrainian Symbolism and Mikhail Vrubel. Dialogue through the centuries” National Museum “Kyiv Picture Gallery”, Kyiv, Ukraine).

Selected solo exhibitions:

1989                “Exhibition of etchings by Vladimir Bakhtov” (Museum of Literature, Odessa, Ukraine).
1993                “Ukrainian Point of View” (“Artifictium” Gallery, Berlin, Germany).
1996                “Zeitreise”, Berlin (Foyer-gallery “Berliner Zeitung”, Berlin, Germany).
1998                “Discoveries of time” (Culture Forum, Berlin, Germany).
1999                “Rituelle Rekonstruktionen” (“Arcus” Gallery, Berlin, Germany).
2006                “Olbian Mysteries. Animation of Phidias” (Centre for contemporary art “Soviart”, Kyiv, Ukraine).
2007                “Fiery Reconstructions of Oikumene” (Shusev Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia).
2017                “Eros and Inspiration” (The Korsaks Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art, Lutsk).
2017                “Symbols of the infinite steppe” (Ivan Honchar Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine).
2019-2020  “Ancient codes of Ukraine. Sacral Reconstructions” (Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora, Kyiv; The Korsaks Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art, Lutsk; Municipal gallery, Mykolaiv; exhibition hall of the National Historic and Archaeological Preserve “Olbia”, Ukraine).


2012                “Communication XXI” (Contemporary Arts Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine).