Archaic Codes of Ukraine. Men. Heroes. Gods.

Disastrous events in Ukraine witnessed and deeply felt by most of the humanity have already reached apocalyptic proportions. Russia’s war against Ukraine has essentially turned into a war against the very civilizational values of the West – those directly inherited from the Greek civilization of ancient times.

This terrible war became the bloody rite of passage for the free democratic Ukraine which is undergoing a Great Initiation right before our very eyes. All Western democracies are being tested for strength just the same. Apparently, the entire world as we know it will be different after this war is over.

In the current paradigm of fragmentary perception of the world, the postmodern game of interpretations, hybrid wars, and post-truth logic, the appeal to basic meanings and concepts seems most relevant.

The basic archetypes are BIRTH-LIFE-DEATH-IMMORTALITY.
Today the archetypal formulas of ancient myths remain as relevant as ever – MEN. HEROES. GODS. After all, the mass-scale personal sacrifice, the sheer burning will that overcomes the impossible and lets the inner hero free projecting common people to immortality as MEN-GODS – this is all Ukraine these days.

Art molds and shapes moral and ethical concepts. We based our “ARCHAIC CODES OF UKRAINE. MEN. HEROES. GODS.” project on classical traditions of the ancient art code that is imprinted in us on a subconscious level and forms the cornerstone structure of our mentality.

Being part of the Oikumene Ukraine inherited the sacred spiritual space of the Ancient Greeks living in independent poleis in the south of Ukraine two and a half thousand years ago.